DIY Ruffled Strapless Jumpsuit

Hi BEAUTIES! Happy Wednesday! The jumpsuit obsession continues, I promise this is the last one for a while! 😉 I’ve had my eye on a few new DRESS patterns! Today’s look is completely self-drafted after seeing an outfit similar to this in a magazine! The ruffled touch really caught my eye and I went straight to my work table to do my best at replicating it. This is my wearable muslin! 🙂

There is no pattern review today but if any of you would like a tutorial for this look I can try to get one together! The fabric I used is a LINEN BLEND. Every time I purchase through FABRIC.COM I always use EBATES, I forgot to mention this in my fabric haul VIDEO! Basically you get a percentage of cash back when go through the site to purchase fabric. Right now it’s at 3% which doesn’t sound like much but if you typically dish out a lot on fabric the percentage adds up! I highly recommend it.


For now I’m off to film a pattern hack tutorial for another look I’ve had my eye on, instead of starting from scratch I figured I’d hack a commercial pattern to make it easier to follow! Yes it’s a dress! 😉 Have a great day and I’ll see you Friday! XO




13 thoughts on “DIY Ruffled Strapless Jumpsuit

  1. Stunning! Although I’m past the stage where I would wear one I would love to see a tutorial to see your techniques, particularly in doing the top.

    1. Thanks! The ruffled portion on the top is my favorite! I’m going to get a tutorial together very soon. I think the technique for the ruffle would make for a cute sleeve detail as well! XO

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