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Hello BEAUTIES! Happy Friday! 🙂 I’m so happy to finally be back in the groove of sewing and blogging again. If you didn’t notice I was posting quite frequently for a while, then really put my head down to focus on designing and running Rosy Peña Patterns. Luckily I’ve gotten a handle of things after a year of business and finally feel like I can get back to posting regularly again. Yay! It really does make me so happy to share my sewing experiences with you all and hopefully provide some sort of inspiration, or even just a little entertainment for a while. 😉

As many of you know I’m a long time single mom of two daughters so this sort of the thing is something I do for “me”. It really is my self care! I don’t want any of you to feel like you can’t keep up with the sewing trends, patterns, challenges etc. or crank out makes as quick as others. Because, I’ll admit I’ve felt those things before. But we all sew at our own pace and we all have different lives to live and that’s really what makes each of us so special (no matter how cheesy that may sound). When I post here on my blog, it’s really not to say “Oh, look what I made” It’s to provide some sort of togetherness with you. If you’re here it’s because we enjoy the same passion and my makes are to help inspire you to either start or continue something that might be self care for you as well. 💖

For whatever reason you choose to sew, I just want you to know how awesome you are. Okay enough with the emo monologues. Let’s get into today’s post all about, The Dani Pinafore by Seamwork! Woo! Enjoy today’s sew-style inspo and I’ll see you soon with more DIY ‘s – XO Rosy

P.S. – If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with your sewing in general I wanted to mention a few great options to help get you back on track, Dari from That Style Though just released a really great printable Sewing Planner #TSTsewingplanner.

Anita from Anita by Design has started a great series about sewing with a plan.  She has tons of great ideas and options if you want to learn more you can visit her blog or check the tag #sewingwithaplan #swap.


Pattern: Dani Pinafore – Seamwork 

Fabric: Plaid Suiting (similar) and White Ponte (exact fabric). 

Size: I cut size 4. 

Details: The Dani pinafore is ideal for both casual workwear and as a cool layering piece for the weekend. It features a stylish A-line silhouette that hits at the mid-thigh.

Conclusion: I really love the style of this dress, it feels very feminine and wearable. It would look really cute with tights and a turtleneck also, there’s tons of potential here with fabric and styling options. I choose to style with a simple belt and booties from target, I think it really ties in the look! I’m also wearing the Ana top underneath for modesty. 🙂



What did you think of today blog post, would you sew the Dani Pinafore for yourself? Do you sometimes get overwhelmed by all the sewing options available, and what do you do to keep on track? Something you share today can really help another person with a problem they might be having in their own lives! ❤️

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2 thoughts on “Dani Pinafore | Seamwork

  1. This is SO super cute on you! I’ve been eyeing this pattern since it came out and I’m still wondering (and wanting to try it) if it can be achieved in a stable knit like a ponte or scuba or liverpool because I really love the silhouette but love my knits too 😬🤣

    1. Thank you, Tara! I think this would absolutely work in a scuba because it would hold the shape nicely! A liverpool and ponte would look cute too, but would hang much differently. It really depends what you’re going for, there are lining pieces as well facings to account for so it might get a little stretched out with knits, but it really depends! Here’s a link to some knit interfacing that might help keep the structure around the v-neck: https://amzn.to/2EHcfyq.
      XO Rosy

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