Mimi G Jumpsuit S8246 + Exciting News!

Hi BEAUTIES! Okay so I rarely ever post on a Sunday but I am one, too excited, and two, will not have time to share this post tomorrow. SO I had to get this out there today! I’ll talk a little about the pattern first and then share my exciting news with you all! 😉 […]

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Ruffled Mini Dress – Simplicity 8264

Ruffle Mini Dress - ROSY | PEÑA

Hello BEAUTIES! Today I’m sharing a gorgeous ruffled mini dress that I made a few months ago and I’m finally getting around to taking blog photos in! 🙂 I mean, how awesome is this Cynthia Rowley pattern?! At every major pattern release I get a feel for which patterns are going to be MUST makes that go to the top of the sewing queue and this one defintely made […]

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January Sewing Makes + Pattern Draft Update

Hello BEAUTIES! Happy Wednesday! It’s been a bit since my last video so today I’m showing you a few makes from January, some never even made it to the blog! Also. I go over a few things I’ve picked up on with pattern drafting and sloper making. There’s a long road ahead but I’m enjoying the overall process! 🙂 I hope […]

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Classic Jumpsuit + Pattern Details

Hello BEAUTIES! Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was amazing! 🙂 I’m SO excited for today’s post because it has been a WHILE since I’ve paired up multiple patterns to create a specific look envisioned in my mind! It really is great having the knowledge to sew and even better using that skill to go further and design your own clothes, in a sense! […]

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DIY Moto Jacket + White Bodysuit

Hello BEAUTIES! Happy FRIDAY! It’s been a bit since my last post and I have missed connecting with my fellow seamstresses SO much! I’ve been lacking in the content department as my camera has been acting up! It’s off to get repaired now so I’ll be back in the blogging cycle soon. 🙂 Aside from the camera […]

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Window Pane Coat + Pattern Review


Hello BEAUTIES! I hope everyone is great! 🙂 I’m sitting at my desk with stitches in my gums! Yes, stitches. Not the kind of sewing I wanted to be happening yesterday but I needed a minor surgery inside of my mouth, I’m glad for that to be done and even happier to be here posting a review on this […]

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Vogue Jacket + Cropped Pants – Vogue 9037 / Simplicity 8175


Hello BEAUTIES! I hope everyone is doing well! 🙂 I’ve been finishing up my October makes and debating whether or not to sew up a Halloween costume this year, I had a flapper style garment planned out last year and never got to it! The date is soon approaching & I have a different idea this year […]

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Casual Summer Dress + Pattern Review – Simplicity 8132

Casual Summer Dress + Pattern Review - Rosy | Peña

Hello BEAUTIES! Happy FRIDAY! I hope the week was fun for you all and the weekend is even funner! 🙂 Today’s post is a quick review on a Simplicity pattern, I made only one modification to it and it came out nice and comfortable! I saw this dress style online for WAY too much and this pattern immedietly came to mind […]

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Yellow Peplum Top + Pattern Review – Simplicity 8136

Yellow Peplum Top + Pattern Review: Simplicity 8136- Rosy | Peña

Hello Beauties! Happy Tuesday, I hope everyone is having a GREAT week so far! I’m really excited about today’s post! Mostly because I’m finally getting around to writing a blog post on a pattern from one of my favorite designer/public figure/idols! Mimi G! I could serisouly go on about how amazing she is and how much her radiance […]

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Floor Length Tunic + Pattern Review – Simplicity 8094

Floor Length Tunic + Pattern Review S8094 - Rosy | Peña

Hello Beauties! Was that weird?? 🙂 I feel like every blogger refers to their readers as a specific name, I always start by saying hello to you all and since I feel like all people are BEAUTIFUL! Why not! If it’s weird let me know but if you all don’t mind being called beauties then I shall continue! […]

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