Mimi G Jumpsuit S8246 + Exciting News!

Hi BEAUTIES! Okay so I rarely ever post on a Sunday but I am one, too excited, and two, will not have time to share this post tomorrow. SO I had to get this out there today! I’ll talk a little about the pattern first and then share my exciting news with you all! 😉 […]

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Bohemian Jumpsuit + Behind the Scenes Video Photoshoot: Vogue 9259

Hi BEAUTIES! I hope you had a fabulous weekend! 🙂 It’s getting warmer here in Texas and I’m not looking forward to the humidity we’re going to have but luckily there are breezy jumpsuit patterns such as this, that I can pull out during sunny beach days. I mentioned wanting to make this in my April plans VIDEO and I can’t wait to talk […]

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Mother’s Day Inspiration: Vogue Jumpsuit

Mother's Day Look - ROSY | PENA

Hi BEAUTIES! I’m so excited today because I am finally able to share with you a special look for Mother’s Day! This jumpsuit is one of the three looks I created for ISSUE 1 of Sew Sew Def magazine! I made and shot this a while back but the second I saw this jumpsuit come to life […]

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Black Culotte Jumpsuit + Pattern Review: New Look 6493

Hi BEAUTIES! Happy Monday! 🙂 Jumpsuits are my thing lately, in case you haven’t noticed! Check out last weeks jumpsuit, HERE. I might even have another one coming later this week! Lol, today I’m reviewing NEW LOOK 6493. I made it a few weeks ago and couldn’t wait to wear for pictures! Theres nothing overly “exciting” about it, per […]

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Classic Jumpsuit + Pattern Details

Hello BEAUTIES! Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was amazing! 🙂 I’m SO excited for today’s post because it has been a WHILE since I’ve paired up multiple patterns to create a specific look envisioned in my mind! It really is great having the knowledge to sew and even better using that skill to go further and design your own clothes, in a sense! […]

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Mustard Color Jumpsuit + Pattern Details!

Mustard Color Jumpsuit + Pattern Details - Rosy | Peña

Hello BEAUTIES! Happy Tuesday! I hope you all have been doing great! I’ve been a little absent on the blog but I plan to change that soon! I plan to get into more informational posts to share what I’ve learned thus far about sewing! I enjoy posting inspirational pictures and sharing the design changes I’ve […]

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Black & White Jumpsuit + Pattern Details

Black & White Jumpsuit + Pattern Details - Rosy | Peña

Hello BEAUTIES! Happy Monday! I hope everyone is having a good start to the week! As promised I’m back with another “Pattern Mix” post! In case you missed last weeks romper, here it is. That romper had SO much positive feedback! 🙂 THIS jumpsuit is also Pinterest inspired & I’m seriously in LOVE. 🙂 The comfort, ease of sewing and overall style […]

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Bohemian Romper + Pattern Details

Bohemian Romper + Pattern Details - Rosy | Peña

Hi Beauties! Happy FRIDAY! Okay so I could only see so many boho style rompers on Pinterest before I had to get up and make one for myself! I mean the links could go on and on, lol. I looked through my pattern stash (it’s pretty hoarder-ish) and I could not find anything in the style I wanted. SO […]

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Retro Style Jumpsuit + Pattern Review: McCall’s 7167

Retro Style Jumpsuit + Pattern Review: McCall's 7167 - Rosy | Peña

Hello Beauties! Happy Monday! The weekend was fun right?? I took pictures for the blog and spent some time with my daughters, I hope that everyone had a great one as well and are having a great start to the week! Remember, “Today is a good day to have a GOOD day”! 🙂 Today’s post is this Retro Style Jumpsuit! I say retro because […]

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