ROSY | PEÑA is a sewing and style blog, made to inspire women to create a wardrobe and life they love.

I’m an aspiring pattern designer living near Houston, TX with my two daughters. Sewing is my passion and I love sharing what I learn with others, follow me on this journey! XO

My Sew Story; I taught myself to sew in 2014 after removing myself from a toxic relationship, of my then 6 months old child’s father. While soon after, my own father was going through several life changing health issues. Everything was hitting me, emotionally, at once. I needed a major escape, so I turned to sewing. Since then I have been nose deep learning as much I can about my new passion. I share my journey through this blog and I love connecting with other seamstresses. I invite you to follow along and learn with me! XO ROSY. 

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 Favorite Quote“Do what you can, where you are, with what you have”. – Theodore Roosevelt