DIY Tie Front Top + Maxi Skirt

DIY Tie Front Top + Maxi Skirt - Rosy | Peña

Hello BEAUTIES! It’s been far too long! Happy Happy HAPPY Wednesday! I miss posting to the blog way more than you could imagine so it feels like it’s been forever! I hope everyone has been doing great! 🙂 I was lost for a little bit in the sense that I totally lost my “Sewing Mojo” if you’ve been […]

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High-Low Tunic + Pattern Review! – Simplicity 1064

High-Low Tunic + Pattern Review - Rosy | Peña

Hello BEAUTIES! It feels so good to be posting! One of my favorite things about this sewing journey is sharing it with you all and hearing feedback about your own passion for SEWING! I’m amazed at how far I’ve come from the beginning as I know many of you can relate to. If you have never sewn but have the […]

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Casual Summer Dress + Pattern Review – Simplicity 8132

Casual Summer Dress + Pattern Review - Rosy | Peña

Hello BEAUTIES! Happy FRIDAY! I hope the week was fun for you all and the weekend is even funner! 🙂 Today’s post is a quick review on a Simplicity pattern, I made only one modification to it and it came out nice and comfortable! I saw this dress style online for WAY too much and this pattern immedietly came to mind […]

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Faux Button Dress + Pattern Review – Simplicity 8123

Faux Button Front Dress + Pattern Review - Rosy | Peña

Hello BEAUTIES! Happy Wednesday, I hope you are ALL doing well! 🙂 Today’s post is one that almost didn’t make it, in many different aspects! I made this dress a few months ago intended to be my entry dress for a runway show! After me and this dress battled it out; On the cutting table, at […]

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V-Neck Bodycon Dress + Pattern Details!

V- Neck BodyCon Dress + Pattern Details - Rosy | Peña

Hello BEAUTIES! Happy Friday! 🙂 Today I have a fun look for a date night dress or a girls night out look! I used an ITY Knit and a modified V-neck shirt pattern from Simplicity and Mimi G, to make this SUPER cute Bodycon dress! These types of dresses are classic in my opinion and can be made in different […]

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Mustard Color Jumpsuit + Pattern Details!

Mustard Color Jumpsuit + Pattern Details - Rosy | Peña

Hello BEAUTIES! Happy Tuesday! I hope you all have been doing great! I’ve been a little absent on the blog but I plan to change that soon! I plan to get into more informational posts to share what I’ve learned thus far about sewing! I enjoy posting inspirational pictures and sharing the design changes I’ve […]

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