1 DIY Top, 3 Looks + How-to Style Tips!

1 Top, 3 Looks - Rosy | Peña

Hi Beauties! I hope you all are having a FABULOUS week! 🙂 Today’s post is a little different! As much as I love sewing I also love styling together the pieces I’ve made to create different looks! You might wonder, do I sew ALL my wardrobe pieces? The answer is No. I like to mix RTW with pieces I’ve made myself. Theres no  rule saying you can’t mix the two! SO today we’re here with a DIY staple wardrobe piece, the slip top! Sister to the slip dress, this is a MUST have piece and can be styled so so so many ways! I’m going to show you a few I’ve put together and share with you where I’d wear the different looks! At the end of the post I’ll share the pattern and “mystery” fabric I used to create the top! Enjoy! XOXO 😉


“Daytime Chic”

Definitely an easy “Go to” look! to be totally honest here I rarely get out with a 2 year old running around but hey, a girl can still play dress up can’t she? 😉 I’d wear this out to a lunch date or a casual get together!

Style Info: I paired my slip top with boyfriend jeans, lace up heels, a POP of red accessory and pop of red lip! Any time you want to dress up jeans, this is the easiest route to go! Just throw on some nice heels and grab a colorful clutch bag! Easy peezy!

1 Top, 3 Looks - Rosy | Peña1 Top, 3 Looks - Rosy | Peña1 Top, 3 Looks - Rosy | Peña1 Top, 3 Looks - Rosy | Peña1 Top, 3 Looks - Rosy | Peña1 Top, 3 Looks - Rosy | Peña

“Night-time Chic”

Even though my top is black, I wanted to incorporate summer vibes somehow SO this colorful floral skirt was a must! If you’ve read my blog before you know I’m a fan of my neutrals so this skirt is a fun simple way to add a bit of interest to your look without being too “colorful”. I’d wear this to a summer wedding, or a cocktail party! 😉

Style Info: Slip tops are great and easy to wear tucked into a fitted skirt! With this look I casually/effortlessly tucked it into the waistband and was ready to go! Really, don’t put to much thought into tucking! Just tuck and GO. 🙂 P.S. – This skirt is a DIY using my Pencil Skirt Tutorial and knit fabric from Joann’s!
1 Top, 3 Looks - Rosy | Peña1 Top, 3 Looks - Rosy | Peña1 Top, 3 Looks - Rosy | Peña1 Top, 3 Looks - Rosy | Peña

Monochromatic Chic

I used the same color family with this look and it’s my favorite color and may or may not be my favorite look! 😉 I’d wear this out at night to meet up with friends or a movie “date night”.

Style Info: All black everything! 🙂 I like to be comfortable, so the shorter heel I picked for this makes the look cute and not overly dressy. Also the casual stretch jeans plays the silky top “dressy look” down, which I love. I paired it with a nice long strapped purse which adds to the fun comfortable vibe. Okay okay this IS my favorite look! 🙂

1 Top, 3 Looks - Rosy | Peña1 Top, 3 Looks - Rosy | Peña1 Top, 3 Looks - Rosy | Peña1 Top, 3 Looks - Rosy | Peña1 Top, 3 Looks - Rosy | Peña

Great! Now that we discussed all the looks I put together with this ONE, DIY top! Let’s discuss how I made it! 🙂

The pattern I used is McCall’s 7158, a wardrobe staple pattern, the slip dress! (must have pattern in my opinion). To make the TOP version I:

  1. Used the facings that come with the pattern and added 10″ to the length to both the front and back facings.
  2. I added 1″ to the center folds. When cutting out your fabric from the pattern you can simply just move your pattern away from the fold by 1″
  3. I created my own facings from the pattern piece. To do this all you have to do is use the first 2.5-3″ or so from the pattern piece around the top neck and armhole edges, cut a separate piece of fabric using that for both the front and back and this is your new facing! Then get to sewing! 🙂

The mystery fabric I used is actually from a CURTAIN! If that’s not upcycling, then I don’t know what is! Using curtains, unwanted bedsheets, or any type of scrap fabric is a GREAT way to practice your sewing, or to sew up a muslin/test garment for a piece your working on!

I hope you all found this post useful in some way! I love to share my ideas/makes with you all! Let me know what YOUR favorite look from this post was I’d love to hear! Also, did anybody guess this top was from a curtain!? XOXO Have a great day everyone, remember to always OWN your looks, ROCK your unique style and be CREATIVE! 🙂


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4 thoughts on “1 DIY Top, 3 Looks + How-to Style Tips!

  1. Omg I thought I was the only one using old sheets, curtains, etc. for muslins! I believe in using all of my fabric and I’m continuously thinking about how I can repurpose my scraps and useful fabric. Cute top!

  2. That’s a really cute top. I would have never guessed it was from a curtain! I love that last pair of shoes too.

    1. Thank you! I plan to make one in every color! lol I’m glad you liked it! 🙂 The shoes are so comfortable I picked those up at Rack Room Shoes a while back.

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